Come Vuoi Pane & Condimenti… is a romantic love story of ancient tradition being reinvented and expressed through the creativity and talent of a young food artist a few generations later.

It’s 1929, we are by the marina of the old city of Taranto, precisely in Via Garibaldi, where, in their Old Deli, a local family prepares crunchy sandwiches for the sailors and merchants who crowd the streets and alleys of the ancient town center and who come from the top of the hills to gather by the Mar Piccolo.

“Come Vuoi” (literally “However you want it”) is the answer the shopkeeper would give to those asking what fillings they could get in their sandwiches, which at that time were often enjoyed as a mid-morning snack.

The certainty of having selected the best local cheeses, the knowledge of the best meat suppliers especially during those difficult years when quality stock was scarce, and the patience of finding the most excellent ingredients grown on the farms north of town, granted the shopkeeper the Certificate of Excellence, as well as the pride of being one of the first in Italy to offer the best sandwiches that customers could ask for!

Destiny allowed seventy years to pass before bringing about an heir to that family, a young man who does everything in his life with love, harmony, sacrifice and the desire to dedicate himself to others. Fate fulfilled his dream and bestowed him with a burning ambition to ensure that the ancient aromas and flavors that had been handed over to him by his ancestors could be passed on to new generations.

The first concept store of Come Vuoi Pane & Condimenti was opened at the beginning of 2014 within the walls of the Church of the Carmine of Taranto, in the city center.

“If you love bread and fresh ingredients, sooner or later we will meet here”

is the motto of this new store, a meeting point where harmony, friendship and taste come together in the distinctive magic of bread hand-filled with mouth-watering ingredients.

Summer 2015: this Apulian family continue on their path of entrepreneurial growth. A journey filled with love, desire to work, wisdom in serving products of the highest quality and taste, baristas armed with skill and friendliness, a bit of luck, the encouragement of customers and the ever present work of Destiny.

The “Come Vuoi” project expanded to other locations in Italy. The ambitious young Apulian was joined by his brother who brought his managerial skills to support the enterprise in the different cities where new stores were launched. In 2018 the new generations joined their fathers and contributed to open the first stores in shopping malls.

Events are set in motion for the first opening of a flagship store abroad, in Florida.



Our 5 Values explain our culture, dedication and the spirit of doing what we think is right for our customers and our employees.

These same values have been supporting us since the first day of our adventure in every daily decision, from the choice of our ingredients to the design of our stores and the growth of our staff.


We come up with and deliver solutions from which the customers win, our company wins and the community wins.


We make decisions that last longer than we will.


Every day our only concern is to offer authentic food and authentic human relationships. We take into consideration advice and criticism from those who love us but we ignore those who envy us.


We only stock from suppliers who can constantly guarantee quality of their products in all our stores and who share the values of our company.


We weigh our decisions carefully, we work hard and we do it as a team.